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Amazing Grief! is a lifeline for all parents dealing with the emotional trauma of their child’s substance abuse and recovery.

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Amazing Grief! A Healing Guide for Parents of Young Addicts

  • Amazing: “The grief of a parent with a child of an addict can be a mortal grief. Rev. Harper helped me transform the grief into a spiritual and emotional journey of growth.”
  • Grief: “Instead of fighting grief or denying it, Rev. Harper teaches us how to invite grief to tea.”
  • Healing: “This is an understatement. These teachings saved my life and my daughters.”
  • Guide: “Through stories, exercises, prayers and meditations Harper gently but firmly takes the reader on an amazing journey through the shadows of addiction.”

Amazing Grief is a lifeline for all parents dealing with the emotional trauma of their child’s substance abuse and recovery.

Recovery and acceptance is as essential for the parents as for the child.

"The 11 phases of grief have been illuminated and revealed to Rev. Harper through his unique life experiences. We can only be grateful that they came to someone who could so clearly articulate them and compassionately help others to understand this process of grief."
- Theresa Blanding, Human Design Services, LLC

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Rev. Charles Harper, M. Div.

Rev. Charles HarperRev. Charlie Harper began his career working with teenagers in crisis and their parents as the house manager and resident counselor at a home for single teenage mothers and street gangs in Pomona, California.

He received his BA in Psychology from Pitzer College and his Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School. He spent 8 years in church ministry focusing on youth ministry. For the past 10 years Rev. Harper has served as a street minister to families and young people in crisis


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